Photographer’s Choice – Kelly Clampitt

Pickin’ and Fiddlin’ at Phipps Store

Kelly Clampitt - Phipps Store near Lansing

Kelly Clampitt - Phipps Store near Lansing

The images above and below are just two great examples of the work by Kelly, one of four ACC members, who recently participated in the “Lansing Project”, an attempt to capture the everyday life of area residents. A total of 36 large black and white images will be displayed at the old Lansing School during June with the proceeds to benefit the Greater Lansing Area Development program.
Instead of sticking with the tried and true approach, Kelly elected to move to the edge with a focal length of only 10mm for some extreme wide angle shots. As in most cases, these images show considerable distortion which, with the right subject matter, only adds to the interest. If you listen carefully, you can hear the mountain music in Phipps Store.
The photo below depicts James “Dawg” Wood, who volunteered to be a subject for the project, with two of his prized rare Crockett Plott hounds whose origins in North Carolina date back to the mid 1700’s. The setting, the signs and the two hounds tell the story of, as Kelly says, ” A vastly talented and unassuming man except when bowing his fiddle, Dawg thought it quite odd that he should be the subject of any documentary. He much prefers to be in the background, so I had challenges getting him “in” some of the shots. My experience working with Dawg gave me a deeper appreciation for the people and bounty of these mountains I now call home.” Quite a statement from an Oklahoma girl by way of California.

Kelly Clampitt - James "Dawg" Wood On His Front Stoop

Kelly Clampitt - James "Dawg" Wood On His Front Stoop

10 thoughts on “Photographer’s Choice – Kelly Clampitt

  1. Shane Doby

    Love both of these images, the wide angle was the perfect choice. It really makes you feel like you are there, these are the kind of images you could just stare at for a long time! Well done 🙂

  2. George Rembert

    If you read and understood what George Kosinski said in his comment on Kelly’s image, my hat is off to you. I sure didn’t. “I couldn’t hear the music even when I stuck my lug against the keyboard of my laptop…”. So who knows what a “lug” is? I asked George. It’s short for “lughole” which is an old English slang word for “ear”, particularly in Cumberland County which borders Scotland.
    We learn more here than photography!

  3. Jay Wild

    I love shot #2. The contrast between calm “Dawg” and active dog are unique and the camera angle with “active” dog in the foreground immediately sets a point of focus for the eye until one realizes there’s Dawg in the background! Wide was the only choice for this shot!!

  4. George Kosinski

    Hmm, I couldn’t hear the music even when I stuck my lug against the keyboard of my laptop, but I did enjoy the distortions making up the leading lines as they shoot through the image, almost to a clap of thunder, ending abruptly at the gentlemen’s shoes. Wonderful busyness all around a little oasis caused by the passive space in the middle, which is most relieving to the eye. The big bassist, with his meaningful expression, finishes off this piece very well indeed.

    Good one Kelly!

  5. Joe Blevins

    Good stuff…I’m a sucker for those ultra wide images (as well as black and white).

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