April Assignment—Center of Attention

In photographic composition, centering the subject is taboo and is seen by many as an amateur mistake. However, while you should never just automatically center you subject without thinking, there are times and situations where centering your subject makes perfect sense depending on the scene and subject you are capturing.

The challenge for this assignment was to effectively show us an example where centering the subject is not an amateur mistake, but photographic genius!

Assignment Photos

[portfolio_slideshow include=”4992,4993,4994,4995,4996,4997,4998,4999,5000,5001,5002,5003,5004,5005,5006,5007,5008,5009,5010,5011,5012,5013,5014,5015,5016,5017,5018,5019,5020,5024,5025,5026,5027,5028,5029,5030,5031″]

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