August Assignment—Part for the Whole

“Old Skin” by Kim Hadley

It is our natural tendency when framing a shot to make sure the entire subject fits within the shot. Sometimes we forget that cropping in and showing only a part of the subject can be just as interesting a photo, if not more, than the whole subject. This assignment is for you to make a conscious effort to crop in and appreciate the parts that make up the whole. The below poem says it perfectly.

If you’d like to participate, just email 1-2 photos you’ve taken for the assignment (prior to our next meeting) to Submissions will be assembled in slide show form and shared at the meeting for open discussion and feedback.

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Part for the Whole

By Robert Francis

When others run to windows or out of doors
To catch the sunset whole, he is content
With any segment anywhere he sits.

From segment, fragment, he can reconstruct
The whole, prefers to reconstruct the whole,
As if to say, I see more seeing less.

A window to the east will serve as well
As window to the west, for eastern sky
Echoes the western sky. And even less—

A patch of light that picture-glass happens
To catch from window-glass, fragment of fragment,
Flawed, distorted, dulled, nevertheless

Gives something unglassed nature cannot give:
The old obliquity of art, and proves
Part may be more than whole, least may be best.

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  1. Jay Wild

    I am unable to vote on photos because the thumbs up icon does not show on my computers neither Mac nor PC. All that shows is what appears to be the number of votes on a photo and the word”up” but not active icon or link registering a vote.

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