June Assignment—A Walkabout Downtown

This month’s assignment was meant to get you out and into downtown—be it West Jefferson, Lansing, Boone, Blowing Rock or wherever—as long as you went to the downtown area. You were asked to walk around and look at it with fresh eyes – look for the not-so-obvious shot, perhaps something from a different perspective, at night when the lights are aglow or just after a summer rain. From a detail shot of the cracks in the sidewalk to the bird’s eye view from an upstairs window—we asked you to show us how YOU see downtown!

If you’d like to participate, prior to our next meeting just email 1-2 photos you’ve taken for the assignment to hadleytime@gmail.com. Submissions will be assembled in slide show form and shared at the meeting for open discussion and feedback.

Assignment Photos

[portfolio_slideshow include=”5423,5424,5425,5426,5427,5428,5429,5430,5431,5432,5433,5434,5435,5436,5437,5438,5439,5440,5441,5442,5443,5444,5445,5446,5447,5448,5449,5450,5451,5452,5453,5454,5455,5456,5457,5458,5459,5460,5461,5462,5463,5464,5465,5466,5467,5468,5469,5470,5471,5472,5473,5474,5475,5476,5477,5478,5479,5480,5481,5482,5483,5484, 5486, 5487, 5488″]



10 thoughts on “June Assignment—A Walkabout Downtown

  1. Sandy Pinto

    My 3 favs are 9, 45, 55. Also loved 4, 25, 29 52 and others. I think we should have 3 winners and name 5 or so honorable mentions.

  2. Karin Kalmus

    June Walkabout favorites: # 3, 7, 16, 25, 30, 51, 56 & 57. Of these, I favor #3 & 30.

  3. Pete Benda

    My votes go to numbers: 7, 40, 56 Good job by everyone! They were fun shots to watch in slide show format.

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