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Photographer’s Choice – Stephen Hill

Capturing the Exuberance of Youth

Stephen Hill - Bass Lake Runners

Stephen Hill – Bass Lake Runners

There have been several photographs posted in this weekly series that portray the absolute joy of the young at play but none better than this, Stephen’s capture of two lads running with complete abandon. The expressions are natural with no forced smiles for the camera. One can almost hear the laughter and feel the emotion as nothing is held back. Wouldn’t you like to feel this good and have this much energy again? The shutter setting is perfect, with just enough blur in the feet to show real motion, and the focus dead on. A wide open aperture creates a pleasant background blur. This is Stephen’s first posting – a winner.
By the way, this is the perfect occasion to use your camera’s AI Servo(Canon) or AF-C(Nikon and Pentax) setting for automatic focus of moving objects. If your camera has this feature, be sure you know when and how to use it.
Canon EOS 7D with a 70-200 mm lens
Focal Length – 120 mm
Shutter speed 1/200 sec
Aperture f/2.8
ISO 200

Photographer’s Choice – Sam Sink

All In a Day’s Play

or, as Lissa Brown suggests,

It’s Tough to be Cool

Sam Sink - Fountain Play at Hilton Head

Sam Sink – Fountain Play at Hilton Head

New member Sam Sink has submitted the above playful image as his “Photographer’s Choice”. He and his wife were vacationing at Hilton Head, SC in March of this year where this photo was taken. It’s always tempting to capture kids at play when their attention is focused on simply having fun with no awareness that a camera is looking. One can imagine the laughter and joy that surrounded the scene and possibly the daredevil attitude of flirting with the water spout and then the surprise when the water suddenly shot up and away went the hat.
Sam used a shutter speed of 1/400 sec, fast enough to stop the action at it’s peak. The other settings reflect the bright, sunny day with an f/stop of 7.1 and a low ISO of 100. The lens focal length was 140mm which, on his Canon T1i, is equivalent to 225mm on a 35mm camera.