Master Photographic Techniques

The links below will provide access to a series of tips and techniques that will help to hone your photographic skills.  Ultimately there will be 17 pdf files, each concentrating on one particular aspect of nature photography.  The series is taken from, the online service for BBC Wildlife Magazine.  The files will be added sequentially.  Not all will appeal to everyone but the variety of topics means that something will be of interest to every member.  The photos will also provide motivation to get out and capture something great.

1.  Wild Places
2. Animal Portraits
3. Plant Portraits
4. Dusk to Dawn – Sunrise and Sunset
5. Get Wet, Go Down Under
6. Invertebrates
7. Birds in Flight
8. Animals in their Environment
9. Bird Portraits
10. Reptiles and Amphibians
11. Creative Visions of Nature
12. Wet Weather Wildlife
13. Cold Weather Wildlife
14. Black and White
15. Urban and Garden Wildlife
16. Zoo Photography
17. Bird Behavior