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Photographer’s Choice – Leander Hutton

The Much Ballyhooed “Super” Moon

"Super" Moon - Leander Hutton

“Super” Moon – Leander Hutton

How fortunate that we have this near neighbor, easily taken for granted but try to imagine how different the world would be without it. Leander enjoys “looking up” (he studied astronomy at ASU, his passion) and it’s only appropriate that he would find a clear night to capture the “biggest and brightest”, at least for this year, on June 22. Quoting Leander, “While it was hyped as such by the media it wasn’t that much bigger than last month’s full moon, in fact you wouldn’t notice it by looking. The moon’s total angular size only varies by around 15% or so from apogee to perigee, which isn’t really enough for humans to pick up on without equipment to measure the change.” He continues, “It was taken with an 80mm refractor telescope with a focal length of 400mm hooked to a D7000. The 80mm is the diameter of the aperture which is the primary spec usually quoted when talking about telescopes. This is actually three exposures combined in Photoshop to create an HDR with contrast and clarity adjusted in Lightroom. The HDR tone mapping is a toned down to make it look less cartoonish.” The final image is very sharp and detailed.

Photographer’s Choice – Judi Brown

Good Composition, Excellent Focus and Lovely “Bokeh”

Judi Brown - Yellow Goat's Beard

Judi Brown – Yellow Goat’s Beard

Judi is not only one of the newer members of the ACC but a recent transplant to Ashe County. Judging by the quality of this image, she brings a great deal of photographic talent to both the Club and the County. It’s somewhat amazing how this rural, somewhat remote area manages to continue to attract so many talented newcomers. This photograph was taken at Daniel Boone Native Gardens in Boone during a recent Flower Photo Stroll led by member Bill Barbour. The yellow goat’s beard is sharply focused and the bright yellow truly stands out against the dark green, softly diffused background. There are no elements included that detract from the main focal point. Shifting the image off center to the right is simply the best approach.
Congratulations to Judi for having the courage as a new member to step forward and share her work with everyone.
Canon EOS 5d
Lens: Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD
Focal Length: 119mm
Exposure: 1/800 sec at f/6.3
ISO: 100