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Just for Fun – George Kosinski

Wild Pony?  Behaves More Like a Friend of the Family

Rebekah at Grayson Highlands

Rebekah at Grayson Highlands

This weekly series has presented some of the best of the ACC members work for the past 3 years or so. Some have concentrated on composition, some on light, portraiture, sunsets, sunrises, the mountains, the coast – the list could go on and on. The above is simply a spontaneous image, captured on a recent visit to one of George’s favorite spots on earth, Grayson Highlands State Park. The lady being pursued (maybe a treat has already been passed on?) is his daughter Rebekah on a brief visit to NC from her home in Jerusalem. There’s certainly nothing planned or posed and yet the backlighting is perfect and the background couldn’t be more appealing. “The ponies can actually be a bit imposing when they begin to close in,” says Rebekah. Being prepared and selecting the peak moment can sometimes be the key to a memorable shot.

Best From the Profile Trail? – Jay Wild

A Quintessential Mountain Stream

Green Ridge Branch - Jay Wild

Green Ridge Branch – Jay Wild

On April 21, a few members braved the chilly weather and overcast skies to visit The Profile Trail on the western side of Grandfather Mountain. The focus was to be wildflowers but Jay captured a winner with this lovely image of the rocks and flowing waters of Green Ridge Branch. Each year thousands visit the more majestic, named waterfalls but these mini-falls when viewed up close may be even more rewarding with their gentle sounds and tranquil meanderings from spring head to the rivers below. They may even be described as soul healing.
The soft light is perfect for the scene, sun filtered through high clouds with a natural color balance and no harsh shadows or washed out highlights. Jay made all the right decisions, including:
– The use of a tripod to allow careful composition, sharp focus and a slow shutter speed
– An aperture of f/22 to allow sharpness from the foreground to the background
– A slow shutter of 6.0 sec to blend the water’s flow
– No attempt to include the sky which would have been featurless and overblown
– A low ISO of 100 for minimum noise
– Bracketed exposure to assure the best for the scene would be obtained
– Choosing to include only the elements essential to the scene without clutter to confuse the viewer

All Profile Trail photos submitted may be view here: