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Just for Fun – George Kosinski

Wild Pony?  Behaves More Like a Friend of the Family

Rebekah at Grayson Highlands

Rebekah at Grayson Highlands

This weekly series has presented some of the best of the ACC members work for the past 3 years or so. Some have concentrated on composition, some on light, portraiture, sunsets, sunrises, the mountains, the coast – the list could go on and on. The above is simply a spontaneous image, captured on a recent visit to one of George’s favorite spots on earth, Grayson Highlands State Park. The lady being pursued (maybe a treat has already been passed on?) is his daughter Rebekah on a brief visit to NC from her home in Jerusalem. There’s certainly nothing planned or posed and yet the backlighting is perfect and the background couldn’t be more appealing. “The ponies can actually be a bit imposing when they begin to close in,” says Rebekah. Being prepared and selecting the peak moment can sometimes be the key to a memorable shot.

Photographer’s Choice – George Kosinski

A Fleeting Moment of Near Perfection

George Kosinski - Georgetown, SC Harbor

George Kosinski – Georgetown, SC Harbor

Home to George this winter is a cabin in Hobcaw Barony, a 15,560 acre tract near Georgetown on a peninsula called Waccamaw Neck between Winyah Bay and the Atlantic. In early January of this year he captured this amazing image in Georgetown harbor. Look closely at all the elements that lead your eye directly to the focal point. The dark gray clouds provide distinct leading lines to the vivid sunset afterglow. The bright clouds form a triangle which points down to the same brightness. The cloud formation is then reflected in the water to form an inverted triangle pointing toward the same area. The sillhouette of the smoke stack and its reflection serves as an anchor to hold the eye. Even the small wood piling in the water just to the left of the smokestack adds a certain balance to the scene. By framing the horizon low and shifting the image to the left of center, George found the ideal composition.
Could George with his artistic eye, brush and watercolors create a more compelling composition? It sure wouldn’t be easy.