Photo of the Week – Kelly Clampitt

Who’s Looking Out Looking In?

Kelly Clampitt - Cowboy Boots

Kelly Clampitt - Cowboy Boots

A photograph can certainly tell a story. Or better yet capture a scene that allows the viewer to write his/her own story. Perhaps even ask questions of a philosophical bent regarding the transience of human endeavor as nature inevitably regains the upper hand. Perhaps that thought is a little over the top but the image above does indeed tell a story. Kelly says, “Fascinated by the textures of old homes in decay and curiosity at what gets left behind, I explored my Cousin’s abandoned house in a cow pasture in Oklahoma. Using an old press 4×5 film camera, I took several different exposures which were combined to better balance the indoor/outdoor light contrast. The cows blank expression looking in at me and the folly of humans…..contrasting with the importance of eating grass all day.”

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Kelly Clampitt

  1. Christine McCarty

    I love the irony and contrast of the “uglyness” on the inside and the beautiful grass, trees and cows on the outside.

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