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Photographer’s Choice – Betty Rembert

Why Is This Native Wildflower Neglected?

Dwarf Larkspur - Betty Rembert

Dwarf Larkspur – Betty Rembert

Images of the trout lily, trillium or ladyslipper and others are common spring subjects for local photographers but the dwarf larkspur seems strangely neglected. It is difficult to capture without background clutter and the color is a challenge to reproduce on film or digitally, or on a monitor or print (the deep blue is often “out-of-gamut”). But a challenge is often the impetus that gets the juices flowing and more attempts. Is it not widespread in the County?
Betty did an excellent job here, with a pleasing background and sharp focus, with most of the stem and blossom in the plane of focus. She used a gray card to help set the color balance on a cloudy day.
Below is a cropped version of the above showing more of the delicate detail.
Cropped Dwarf Larkspur - Betty Rembert

Cropped Dwarf Larkspur – Betty Rembert

Canon EOS 5d w/100mm macro lens
1/50 sec @ f8.0
ISO – 400
Tripod used